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The past three years you have been faithful in praying and giving to make our dream, a home for orphaned children and a place to reach the lost in Cambodia, come true through our trust in the Lord.  We are so thankful that you have joined hands with us, and have continued to pray that we find an outlet to reach the lost souls of the unreached people of Cambodia.  Now that God has made this happened, we can feel His presence in the ministry.  We’ve had many walk the dusty roads from village to village to share the Good News and the love of Jesus Christ.
This has been such an exciting year for the Home of Grace in Cambodia.  This summer we had 5 OBU students from Southen Hills and 3 from First Baptist Church in BA spend 5 weeks with us at Home of Grace.  They taught English and walked through the villages to build relationships so they could share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have had medical teams from Southern Hills and First Baptist Church in BA come, and as a result there were 805 people that prayed for salvation.  Now the total has reached over 2,000 and we have baptised 547.  After the teams left, 30 children moved in during August even though the Home of Grace was not complete yet. 

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         Sharing in a villlage                  Feeding the children               Children in from of H.O.G

We completed constuction on phase 1 of the building, and dedicated it on October 31st.  This phase can house 100 children, and includes a classroom, fellowship room, office, and a room to study.  At present we are caring for 34 children and have 11 staff members including a pastor and his staff.  The children stay at Home of Grace 24 hours a day and receive free tutoring including English and math, healthcare, nutritional meals, clothes, and most importantly they can study God’s word.  It costs around $100 a child per month.  Home of Grace is not just an orphanage, phase 2 will be a training facility for pastors and leaders, and will also have rooms to teach computor skills.  It will provide a space for medical teams and a larger worship area.   We pray that God will provide us the funds to begin this phase.

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   Home of Grace (Phase 1)       Children in the schoolroom        The children say thank you!

Throughout the year we have gone into the neighboring village daily to minister to the people and spread the Word of God.  This year we have started another church, which makes the total 2, and ask for continued prayer, so that we may start another church in the next year.  We pray in the coming year we have a team come to train the church leaders continue to strengthen the new believers’ faith, and possibly provide Vacation Bible School for the children in the village.  12 village Bible study groups have been started the past 3 years, and we pray that these will flourish and many more will be started in the coming year.   We want to continue to reach out to many new villages.
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Children Worshiping     College Team in Village Church   Team & Village Children

Planned trips for the next year: 2/15/10 - 3/30/10, 7/5/10 - 8/30/10, 10/1/10 - 11/15/10
We ask that you continue to pray with us as we are in Cambodia, and pray that everyday we can reach new people in the villages that are surrounded in darkness.  Also, please remember the children that God has brought to the Home of Grace.  We want to bring more children in.  If you would like to be a part of that, we can always use sponsors to help more orphaned children.

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Thank You!

We would like to thank our prayer partners who have made all of this possible with constant support.  Thank you for being faithful to God and bringing the Light of Christ to the darkness around the world.  We’ve had over 2,000 people praying for the salvation of the people of Cambodia.  This is truly a blessing.  Also, we could not have accomplished so much without the generous donations to our ministry.  These gifts will continue to be used to enrich the lives of those in need.  The lives of the children at Home of Grace have truly changed.

Many thanks go out to First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Southen Hills Baptist Church in OKC, Grace International Outreach, Lynn Haven Baptist Church in MD, and Redemption Baptist Church in MI.  Thank you to Brother Nick and Brother Brian for joining us at the dedication.  Also, thank you Doug Melton the Senior Pastor of Southenhills and James the Missions Pastor, for sending Mark and Dzung.  We thank Darrell & Denise from Grace International, and the video crew from FBCBA for joining us on our dedication day, and to our children for helping us prepare for the special event.  We would also like to send our appreciation to all the teams that came spread the gospel in the villages in Cambodia.  Our family and friends have been our constant motivators behind all that we have accomplished.  We would also like to thank our friends and family who could not come to the dedication; we know your spirit was with us.  We thank Kelli Leech for the design & layout of this letter.  Without the continued support and prayer from you, our bothers and sisters in Christ, we could not have achieved so much this year.  Thank you for allowing us to reach out to the lost and give hope for the future to the precious people of Cambodia.  God is doing a wonderful thing in the middle of such darkness.

C:\Users\Kelli\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\DSC08121.jpg                            Phen Raranak’s story       C:\Users\Kelli\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_0100.jpg
Phen is 10 years old and was born in the Khandal Province.  He is in the 2nd grade.  His mother passed away, he has 6 people in his family, and he and his siblings lived with his grandmother.  His mother was the first believer in the Bati village.  Now, since he lives at Home of Grace, he has food and a chance to go to school.    When he grows up he wants to be a pastor to “bring Good News to the lost.”  He appreciates Home of Grace because his family couldn’t give him food or schooling.  Home of Grace gives him hope for a better future.

C:\Users\Kelli\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\DSC08127.jpg                Sart Theari’s story              C:\Users\Kelli\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_0087.jpg
Sart is 10 years old was in the Khandal Province.  She is in 4th grade.  Her father passed away and her mother sews at factories and often she is without a job.  Many times Sart and her sister only had bamboo to eat.  This made her stomach hurt very badly, but now she no longer eats bamboo because she lives at the Home of Grace.  She wants to be a doctor to “help the poor.”  “I would like to say thank Jesus for his love to me and bring me to Home of Grace, and I also thank so much to all the people who work hard for taking care of me.”

God is faithful

A few years ago one of our youngest daughters, Rebecca, looked at us and said there are three children in the family going into college very close to each other.  How will we afford this?  Don’t worry we said, just study hard and God will take care of the rest.  They did just that.  Then this summer they came and helped us for 5 weeks to do God’s work with the college team in Cambodia to show the love and spread the good news of Jesus Christ in villages.  This fall they have been given scholarships to St. John’s University.  This is truly a testiment to God’s faithfulness to those to honor him.  Because of your compassion, because you care, because you are a believer of Christ you have helped save these children from lives of hardship and darkness.  Thank you for giving them hope, dreams, and an oportunity for a better future.  We now have 7 children who have sponsors.  We have 27 more children who need to be sponsored.  When they are, we can bring more children to the Home of Grace.  If you have any questions feel free to call us. 
This Chirstmas we will be in Washington D.C. with our children because all of them are now located on the east coast.  We pray our children in Cambodia will have a wonderful Christmas also, as we have already prepared and arranged with the people in the church and village.  May God use this season to draw more people closer to Him, and may His name be glorified among the darkness   We pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.  The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”  1 Thessalonians 5:25